Özgün İnşaat
Ozgun Insaat, leading company of KRK Holding, was established in 1993. The company operates in fields of tunneling, transportation, infrastructure, superstructure construction, mining and energy. Ozgun Insaat has proved its reliability while meeting the expectations and the needs of the projects that it undertakes, with technological solutions within the scope of correct methods and international quality standards.
Ozgun Insaat has achieved international success with financial strength, human resources, wealth of machinery and equipment as far as its experience and know-how.
Domestically; the company has taken part in major parts of Metro Istanbul, while completing various projects for Municipality of Istanbul, like “4.Levent – Taksim Metro line”, “Taksim – Kabatas Funicular System Construction” and “Ambarlı Sewage Water Tunnel Construction” for ISKI Directorate of Potable and Sewage Water.
Ozgun Insaat completed “Black Sea Highway/ Nefise Akcelik Tunnel construction between Persembe- Bolaman” for General Directorate of Highways(KGM), “Izmir Light Rail System Construction, Ucyol Station Project” for Municipality of Izmir.
Extending its operations in Algeria, Ozgun Insaat has signed various successful contracts abroad. In Algeria, Ozgun Insaat currently has 5 on-going projects, besides the 2 that has already been completed. The company has been increasing its recognition and prestige while realizing new projects with few of the world’s largest contractors such as, CCECC (Chinese), TEXEIRA DUARTE (Portuguese), ENYSE (Spanish) and ETRHB (Algerian) in Algeria.
“Tizi Ouzou – Oued Aissi Railway Project” for ANESRIF and “Bejaia Motorway Tunnel Project” for DTP Bejaia were completed. “Thenia – Tizi Ouzou Railway Project”, El Affroun – Khemis Miliana Railway Project”’, “Thenia – Bordj Bou Arreridj Railway Project” for ANESRIF, “Kherrata Motorway Project” for DTP Bejaia and “ Tizi Ouzou Highway Project” for ANA are on-going projects.
As a member of Turkish Contractors Association, Ozgun Insaat has ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificates.