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  • Özgün İnşaat Undertook the Reconstruction of Boztepe Canal
    Özgün İnşaat undertook the reconstruction of the Boztepe Canal, an artificial branch of the Aras River, in the Imişli region of Azerbaijan. 
    News That Will Make Istanbulites Happy: Pendik-Kaynarca-Fevzi Çakmak Metro Construction Works Begins Again
    We are pleased to share that Özgün İnşaat will be the new contractor in the Pendik-Kaynarca-Fevzi Çakmak metro line project, as a result of the tender announced on September 30, 2022. Kaynarca Station, whose work will start again in 1 month, is aimed to be completed in 2025.

    The Progress Rate Of The Works Of 3 Tunnels Reached 85% In The Kherrata Motorway Project
    Within scope of the Kherrata Highway project under our commitment, the progress rate of three (3) tunnels has reached 85%. In this project, which was suspended due to the pandemic, works were relaunched in Lot 3 bis tunnels (3 tunnels) in April 2021, and the works were completed on August 4, 2021 as scheduled, and its provisional acceptance was made.
    Ozgun’s Support For The Works After The Rockfall At The Aokas Tunnel
    On October 12, the rockfall occurred at the western entrance to the Aokas tunnel on RN09, linking Béjaia to the wilayas Sétif and Jijel. In February, 15 people died when a rock fell from the top of the mountain on the road. In order to avoid a similar result, the Wali of Bejaia, the technical works directorate and civil defence took action and requested the support of the Kherrata Project Özgün İnşaat to quickly find a solution and eliminate the risk. 

    Thenia - Tizi Ouzou Electric Railway Line Opens
    Works on the execution and electrification of the railway line connecting the wilaya Tizi Ouzou to Thénia for 50 kilometers, to be entrusted to the group of companies of Texeira Duarte (Portugal), Ozgun (Turkey), ENYSE (Spain) and ETRHB Haddad (Algiers) is almost complete. Two weeks to come into service of this railway, the first train trials were held on 3 April with the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Boudjema Talai.

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