Arrangement works of Kherrata RN09 Road

The route of the mentioned road is located on the national road connecting the provinces of Bejaia and Setif, on the 7.6 km section between the town of Bordj-Mira and the town of Kherrata. The existing road was built by the French in 1865 according to the conditions of that day, and it is an extremely narrow road with a width of 3.5 m to 4 m. On one side of the road there is a precipitous slope consisting of steep and split rocks, while on the other side there is a stream bed that passes 30-50 m below the road level. Within the scope of this special project, viaducts crossed with steel beams on concrete foot, special engineering structures defined as half bridges, openbox culvert productions, tunnel construction and a very special design that works as a 2 to 5 meter cantilever towards the streamside were realized with pre-tensioned beams called “Estecade”

Location ALGERIA
Contractor OZGUN INSAAT – ETRHB Joint Venture
Client Bejaia Directorate of Public Works
Project Scope
  • 7,6 km highway, 
  • 3 viaducts 365 m, 
  • 540 m road widening with steel beam, 
  • 4 tunnels 1,550 m, 
  • 2,331 m console road, 
  • 600 m retaining wall
  • 17 culverts