Bejaia RN43 Road Construction Project

This project carried out in order to relieve traffic congestion on the RN43, contains the arrangement works of the national road on 11,5 km, survey works, and construction of the tunnels. This project is composed of 3 sections. Section 1 contains the construction of 11,5 km road, Section 2 contains the construction of the tunnels and electrification on 11,5 km road, section 3 contains the construction of the viaducts. There are 3 tunnels which are 880 m, 635 m and 268 m and 137 m emergency tunnel.

Location ALGERIA
Contractor OZGUN INSAAT – ETRHB Joint Venture
Client DTP Bejaia
Project Scope
  • 11,5 km road 
  • 3 tunnels 1,783 m
  • 137 m emergency tunnel