Istanbul Metro Taksim-Unkapanı, Unkapanı - Yenikapı Metro Construction

The 5.2 km Taksim-Unkapanı, Unkapanı-Yenikapı metro line construction work of the Istanbul Metro Project, which was carried out to provide a solution to the increasing traffic problem of Istanbul, consists of approximately 2,600 m main line and 5 stations (Şişhane, Unkapanı, Haliç, Vezneciler, Yenikapı). Haliç Station is located on the Golden Horn Metro Bridge. All other stations are built as tunnel/underground stations.

Within the scope of the project, Şişhane approach tunnel is approximately 1,250 m. Excavation-supporting and concrete lining works of the line tunnels, P-type ventilation tunnel, excavation-supporting and concrete pavement works of the İstiklal Street pedestrian connection tunnels were carried out. At the Vezneciler and Yenikapı stations of the Unkapanı-Yenikapı line, which is the second phase of the project, approximately 500 m of main line tunnel (42 m² section) and 3 switch tunnels (102 m² section) were opened in weak ground environment and the inner lining concrete works were completed.

In the tunnels, NATM 
(New Austrian Tunneling Method), pre-supporting with Umbrella Arch Method in weathered greywacke soil, PVC waterproofing membrane, reinforced concrete inner lining methods were executed.

Location TÜRKİYE
Client İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Project Scope
  • 1,250 m metro 
  • 500 m single line tunnel (42 m² section)
  • 3 switch tunnels  with a total length of 180 m (102 m² section)