Realization of the 48 km Highway Penetration Link from Tizi Ouzou to the Algeria East-West Highway at Djebahia

The 48 km highway is designed as a 2x3 lane. There are 2x21 viaducts with a total length of 10,065 m and 2x2 tunnels with a total lenght of 1,600 m on the route. In addition, there are 15 underpasses & overpasses and various sizes of culverts at roadside junctions. There are also 30 million m³ earthworks including 24 million m³ excavation and 6 million m³ fills.

The 7,118x2 meters of viaducts within the scope of the project is constructed by a balanced cantilever method using high technology equipment. The remaining 2,947x2 meters of the viaducts are built using the classic prestressed beam method. These viaducts within the scope of the project have the capacity to be Africa's greatest engineering structures in terms of length, elevation, and span.

Location ALGERIA
Contractor Özgün İnşaat - Nurol İnşaat - Engoa Partnership
Client Algeria Highways Administration (ADA)
Project Scope
  • 48 km highway 2x3 track, 
  • 2x21 viaducts 10,065 m, 
  • 2x2 tunnels 1,600 m, 
  • 9 junctions, 
  • 15 overpasses - underpasses